Daniel Davies
Self Employed
Nov 30 2017

Alain was super patient and broke down the nuts & bolts of the stock market in less than two hours. I should say that my finance course at Concordia did not teach me with such simplicity & functionality.

Raja Chemali
Graphic artist
September 2017

I was going through a phase in my life where I wanted to be in total control of both my time and my finances, to sustain myself while working on personal projects. Alain offered great advice and hints on how I could do that. He introduced me to Uber and Airbnb, which offered me exactly what I needed: A nice income and a lot of free time to do my thing! He has a vast repertoire of tools and techniques that he tailored to my needs. I highly recommend him.

Lee Murray
April 24, 2017

Alain was our landlord for 2 years. He is understanding, friendly and more than willing to help with any issues that you need taken care of. For example, our fridge stopped working one night and by the next morning he had a new one installed. I have nothing but good things to say about our time renting with him. Would definitely recommend.
Julianne Brown
Masters Student at McGill University
April 17, 2017

I have know Alain for close to one year now, as a tenant in one of his long-term lease rentals. Through this time, Alain has been a terrific landlord. He has been attentive and exceptionally responsive to any concerns. Any issues we had, he diligently addressed! He works with positivism and professionalism. He has been truly been pleasure to work with!

Elijah Baker
Teacher at Trebas Institute
March 21, 2017

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alain in several capacities. He offered me great financial advice and helped get me started on the path to financial security. Alain is kind, optimistic, and always willing to go the extra to help people out. I recommend him in a heart beat!

Johnny Boghossian
Professor at University Laval, December 21, 2016

I have known Alain for a few years, starting when he joined the McGill Toastmasters club. He took to public speaking with incredible determination and dedication, eventually becoming the president of the club! He brings that same determination and dedication to matters of financial planning, his passion for which is obvious to anyone who encounters him. He genuinely cares about the subject, as well as rendering it meaningful and understandable to everyone around him. No matter your financial aptitude, you can benefit from a talk with someone as dedicated to the topic as Alain.


School Teacher, November 13, 2015

Alain and I have been friends for approximately 15 years already. We first met when I took dance lessons with him. He is a fantastic dance instructor, but his expertise is in money management.
Throughout the years he has advised me in many areas, from setting up a retirement fund, savings, and more.  He has shared so much of his knowledge of the stock market and investments.
We have collaborated in a few successful business ventures together and I continue to learn and rely on his advice.


University Professor/Researcher
November 13, 2015

When I came to see Alain I was at a point in my life where I was feeling quite overwhelmed. Working with two universities, one on the other side of the country, I had no idea how to go about figuring out my inter provincial taxes let alone understanding the benefits for which I was eligible. Alain took the time to listen carefully to my situation, my concerns and my needs and helped me research everything I needed to know. He also offered me valuable advice on financial planning. Moving forward, I feel so much more secure knowing that, in Alain, I have someone I can trust to help me navigate this strange world of finance and bureaucracy, and ensure that my finances will be in order so that I can concentrate on my work, and on preparing for the needs of my growing family.


Maude BoivinMaude Boivin, Personal trainer, Montreal, 2015/04/20

I started to see Alain 3 months ago and his coaching definitely changed my financial situation. I used to live from paycheck to paycheck never able to save any penny. The idea with coaching is to set attainable goals. I can proudly say that I’ve been able to clear my credit card and we’re now focusing on bigger goals, like  investing in real estate. Thanks Alain for your professionalism, humanity, good energy. You’re not just a fantastic coach your’re also a fantastic person in life that leads by example.



sapanSapandeep Singh Randhawa, Montreal, 2015/02/17

Alain is a phenomenal personality and the one which keeps you on the path of continuous improvement. He works hard tirelessly to help his mentees. As one of his mentees at McGill’s toastmasters, I came to know of his stupendous command over public-speaking skills. His positivity, creativeness and helping nature urged me to ask him for being my mentor. Alain is not just a great mentor but a great person as well. He is very passionate about helping others.


imagejpeg_2Catherine Gannon, Montreal, 2015/02/01

It is a rare occasion to meet someone who is both passionate about money and altruistic. If you have never met such a person it is because you have not met Alain. Alain genuinely wants to help people and he is so enthusiastic about explaining how money works and how to manage it to your advantage that you can’t help but get excited about the possibilities too. Alain provided me with some very practical advice about where I could be saving money and he helped me to set some personal short and long-term goals. If you want to become more comfortable with your finances and to learn more about the opportunities available to you. I would highly recommend that you arrange a consultation with Alain!


10710662_10152749074011163_3584819439795043247_nAmy Yuan, Student, Montreal, 2014/10/27

Alain is an encouraging and experienced mentor for public speaking. As my mentor at the McGill Toastmasters club, he provided constructive feedback specific to my speaking needs while boosting my confidence. As a result, I had won best speaker for my first speech!

hildaHilda Aparicio, student, Montreal, 2014/10/16

I joined toastmaster Mcgill club, after a month I joined I wanted to make my first speech but I did not know how to do it and I was afraid to speak in public, then I asked Alain to be my mentor and he told me that it was not a good idea to make my speech straight away. He suggested me to do some small roles first to lose my fear to speak in public to be ready to make my first speech. I followed his steps and I made my speech with very good results, I won as the best speaker of the day.

NataliaNatalia Star, Barbados, 2014/09/07

I never knew much about investing. But I wanted to make invest smart and not to loose. When when I went to the bank to invest in RRSP, the adviser told me to follow slow path that will bring a percentage on my investment only in years… Alain, advised me to invest in another RRSP fund, and because I trusted him more than my banker, I did it. In 3 month I got 10% profit on my investment! Sometimes taking risks is smarter than sitting and waiting years for a miracle return on your investment.


Claude Boulanger, massotherapeute, Montreal, 2014/08/04

claudeJ’ai toujours été fascinée par le tango…

Depuis plusieurs année que je veux apprendre le tango. La vie a fait en sorte que c’est maintenant et a mis Alain Guillot sur ma route.

Il a une façon bien particulière d’enseigner non seulement les pas du tango, mais aussi de nous faire ressentir l’esprit du tango. En une seule séance j’avais l’impression d’être une pro!. Il domine délicatement et il est très à l’écoute. Il encourage sans cesse les bons coups et ralenti la cadence au moins bons coups de notre part. Il est doté d’une belle patience et on sent vraiment sa passion pour le tango. Ça émane de tout son corps.

C’est pour moi une thérapie du “lâcher prise” j’ai toujours aimé regarder le tango. Pour moi, nulle autre danse ne donne à première vue autant l’impression d’illustrer la domination de l’homme sur la femme, et pourtant on ne voit que la femme alors que finalement, c’est une harmonie presque parfaite, dans un subtil contrôle du danseur.

Si vous voulez apprendre le tango, je vous recommande chaleureusement Alain qui saura faire de vous non seulement des danseurs de tango, mais vous vivrez LE tango!


Mala Bergevin, Linguist, Montreal, 2014/08/04

malaAu retour de mon dernier voyage à Cuba, j’ai eu très envie d’apprendre la salsa, une danse que je trouve magnifique, mais que je pensais jusqu’à récemment être incapable de danser moi-même. Une de mes collègues m’a parlé d’Alain, et j’ai plongé! Apprendre la salsa m’intimidait beaucoup. Alain a su me mettre à l’aise tout de suite. Il s’est révélé être le professeur professionnel, gentil et patient dont j’avais besoin pour apprendre les pas de la salsa… pas à pas! La formule du cours privé (très abordable, en passant!) me permet de progresser très rapidement. Alain est très attentif et cible (toujours très gentiment!) tous les petits détails à corriger, sans négliger de souligner mes progrès. Après quelques cours, je maitrisais déjà les pas de base, puis, au fil des cours, des pas plus complexes. Je partais de très loin! Maintenant, à chaque nouveau cours, je suis émerveillée d’être capable de suivre Alain. Avec quelques faux pas, bien sûr, mais aussi avec une confiance toujours grandissante. J’adore mes cours, et la personnalité attachante d’Alain y contribue pour beaucoup!


David Schultz,  IT business-to-business salesman, Montreal, 2014/03/16

davidI highly recommend Alain Guillot as a money coach. I’ve known Alain for about five years and he is honest, generous, and hard-working. His financial advice led to a four-figure increase in my income in the very first year of following his advice. This has, of course, made a real difference in my life, and I know that his common sense and easy-to-follow advice will help anyone’s finances.


Cheryl Williams, Dance Teacher, Montreal, 2014/02/17

cherylAlain was my business partner for over eight years.  Prior to meeting him I had no interest in money-related matters and, unsurprisingly, very little savings.  In the time that I’ve known him he has given me many wonderful tips that have resulted in a marked improvement of my financial state.  I have gained a much better understanding and appreciation of how money works and what to do to make the most of my savings.

Anyone, regardless of their interest and experience, is sure to benefit from Alain’s flair for the subject.  He also loves sharing his knowledge and is able to explain things in a manner that can be easily understood, empowering his clients as much through education as through his direct financial advice.


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