Stock Market

I am an avid investor in the stock market. I invest with my own money and with money that I borrow from friends and family. Since I am often asked the performance of my portfolio, I decided to post my result every Friday. What you see below are two weekly charts, one of the TSX and the other one of my real portfolio.  If you want to share your ideas or talk about investing, send me a message. I enjoy a good market conversation.

The TSX still trading within the same range
I am still propelled forward by emerging markets and international stocks. I will not increase my debts from now on.


Current holding:

U.S Dollars

  • QQQE (NASDAQ-100® Equal Weighted Index)  Expense ratio 0.35%. 160 @ 63.39
  • VSS: Vanguard FTSE all world except U.S. ETF sm cp. (International small cap).  Expense ratio 0.19%. 110 @ 92.52
  • VBR: Vangard small cap value ( I am planning to sell and replace with VTWV). Expense ratio 0.09%. 100@ 108.28
  • CALM: Cal-Main Foods 100 @ 52.89

Canadian Dollars

  • XIU.TO (Toronto 60) Expense ratio 0.18%. 465 @ 21.54
  • XMD.TO (Midcaps) Expense ratio 0.62%. 420 @24.02
  • XCS.TO (Small caps)Expense ratio 0.61%. 680 @14.81
  • VA  Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia Pacific Index ETF
  • VEE.TO Vangard FTSE Emerging Market ($CAN). Expense ratio 0.29%. 165 @ 29.96
  • VE.TO Vanguard FTSE Dev Europe All Cap ETF. Expense ration 0.23%. 220 @ 25.51
  • VRE.TO  Vanguard FTSE Canadian Capped REIT Index ETF. 350 @ 28.62

Core holdings for anyone interested in investments:

  • XIU: ETF comprised of the 60 biggest Canadian companies. Expense ratio is 0.18%. This ETF could represent your core Canadian Holdings
  • VTI: ETF representing the total US stock market. This includes big cap, medium cap, small cap, and micro cap. Expense ratio is 0.05%. This ETF could represent your core US holdings.
  • VEA: ETF representing stocks from developed markets except the US. Expense ratio is 0.09%. This ETF could represent your core international holdings.