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100. Be like a corporation

99. You, Incorporated

98. There is no place for commodities in your portfolio

97. My favorite ETFs

96. Is there a relationship between profit margins and stock movement?

95. Methodical Extermination. Speech at Toastmasters

94. Get an unbiased financial adviser

93. My addiction to day-trading

92. Evolving Ourselves, book review

91. How to deal with market volatility

90. What kind of returns to expect from the stock market

89. How to speak better English when English is not your first language

88. How I deal with not having bonds in my portfolio

87. Index funds vs. Actively managed funds

86. Asset Allocation

85. Financial advisors double dipping

84. Stop buying new clothes

83. Cutting your own hair

82. Goal setting for 2017

81. How to save money at the movies

80. How to party for new year without spending lots of money

79. Stop buying Christmas gifts

78. Self Insurance

77. Book review: American Dream by Jason Navallo

76. Act as if…

75. Responsible consumption

74. Book review: The Ascent of Money

73. How to be a failure

72. Social Super Powers

71. How to pay less taxes

70. Investing in bonds

69. Investing in happiness

68. Accumulating $100,000

67. Stock Market Indexes

66. Bernard Baruch book review

65. How to celebrate a frugal birthday party

64. Interview with Elijah Baker

63. Salary Slaves

62. Brexit

61. Interview about entrepreneurship and self reliance with Raja Chemali

60. Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door

59. Saving money / my saving habits

58. Buying and holding

57. “Buy and hold” strategy. Good advice or bad advice?

56. Investing in the stock market

55. Saving money for retirement

54. Borrowing money to make money

53. How to use Toastmasters skills in day-to-day living

52. How to become a professional speaker

51. Why I read every day

50. How to talk to people at a party

49. The evolution of our beliefs

48. Scams and scammy practices

47. Advantages of being a beginner

46. Alain’s 4 investment principles

45. Humor speech. The difference between a financial adviser and a dance teacher

44. My hustling journey

43. How to invest your money

42. Are living the life we want, or are we living a life dictated by others?

41. Financial advice for college students

40. Fee-only financial adviser vs. Commission based financial adviser

39. Financial products for Canadians. Risk reward spectrum.

38. Let’s protect the Amazon. Let’s consume less meat

37. Wine sellers are robbing us.

36. Tips to my students on how to deliver their first speech.

35. General Evaluator at Toastmasters

34. Tips on how to write a speech

33. Speech evaluation competition

32. Six Life Lessons

31. How I Became a Dance Teacher


29. How Not to Be a Slave