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005 Legacy of Ikea founder

We speak about the life and death of Mr. Ingvar Kamprad, and the lessons he left behind on entrepreneurship and frugality. For more information visit our original post.


004 Stock Market decline and Bitcoin

We speak about recent market volatility and the recent drop of over 60% of Bitcoin. To read more information, click here.


003 You, Incorporated

We discuss the characteristics of a corporation that we should emulate. To read the blog post click here.


002 Four Financial Habits, With Cheryl Williams

In this podcast Alain has a conversation with his business partner Cheryl Williams about Four Financial Habits that can improve anyone’s life.  For more information visit this blog post.


001 Intro podcast

This is the first podcast about Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship. I talk about what’s the podcast is about out, how long will it be, what’s the frequency, and you (the listener) can participate in it.