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IMG_0016 (2)Hi, my name is Alain Guillot. I was born in Colombia, but I have been living in Montreal, Canada since 1998. I speak English, Spanish, and French (and Québécois).

I have always been passionate about personal finance. After my graduation from Concordia University, I worked as a financial adviser for a well known Canadian company. I quit in disgust. We were not financial advisers, we were financial product  pushers and our main objective was not to help people, it was to meet sales quotas.

Since I quit my job I have been on a quest to help people get out of debt, create financial plans, and achieve their financial goals. I created this blog in 2012 to teach the basics about money.

My other interests are: reading, sports (doing, not watching), partner dancing (salsa, tango, ballroom, west coast swing), real estate investing, public speaking, and traveling.

To get in touch with me please send me an email at guillot.alai@gmail.com or connect with me through social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+).

My life day bay day


Book Cover: Presentation Secrets of Steve JobsDecember 11, 2014

Book review: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo






Toastmasters Christmas partyDecember 9, 2015

Toastmasters Christmas party




Table topics at BonniesDecember 7, 2015

Bonnie’s Table topics meeting




Santa Shuffle race 2015December 5, 2015

Santa’s 5 Kilometer run




Martermind meeting at Alain's houseDecember 1, 2015

Mastermind event at my apartment





Seven Years to Seven FiguresNovember 20, 2015

Book review: Seven Years to Seven Figures by Michael Masterson







ottawaNovember 14, 2015

Road trip to Ottawa




McGill UniversityNovember 11, 2015

Teaching Bachata at McGill University




The Automatic Millionaire by David BachNovember 8, 2015

Book review: The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach







table topicsNovember 2, 2015

Table Topics get together. From a table topics box we deliver impromptu speeches 2 to 3 minutes long.



HalloweenOctober 28, 2015

Halloween with friends.





tulumOctober 16, 2015

Tulum, Maya city by the sea



October 15, 2015

Underground rivers. Cenotes

big3 big2 big1October 14, 2015

Pyramid of Coba







chiOctober 13, 2015

Chiche Itza, with my daughter Andrea



bluntOctober 6, 2015

Book review. Let’s get blunt about your financial affairs.






flySeptember 18, 2015

Went flying with friends. With Catherine and Robert



funnySeptember 16, 2015

Participated at humorous speech contest and evaluation contest. Didn’t win any awards but felt happy with my performance.



Spending time with friends
Spending time with friends

September 10, 2015

Celebrating with friends after purchasing 50% of a condo



pickSeptember 5, 2015

Pick nick with friends. Catherine Birthday. 🙂



Toastmasters group at our Summer Social. We met at Santropol Roulant.
Toastmasters group at our Summer Social. We met at Santropol Roulant.

August 20, 2015

Toastmaster’s social at Saint tropol Roulant.





postAugust 18, 2015

Another book read. I don’t recommend this one. It is outdated.





hiAugust 12, 2014

Enjoying Montreal’s festive atmosphere.




20150809_163225August 9, 2015

Anther great book. The Wealthy Barber






loreAugust 8, 2015

Dancing tango






potAugust 2, 2015

Potluck with friends



GroupJune 24, 2015

Dinner with friends



mama2June 22, 2015

Botanical garden with my mother



June 20th, 2015

Fantastic real estate book. russ







June 15, 2015

My mother came to visit me for the month of June. In this photo we are visiting my friends Kathleen and Sam.



partyJune 1, 2015

Dance Conmigo Party



KareokeMay 26, 2015

Kareoke night.





May 25, 2015

My birthday party at park La Fontaine. About 30 people came to share this happy moment with me.


mealMay 17, 2015

Having a meal with Sam and Kathleen




millionaireMay 4, 2015

Reading a new book about the habits of the millionaire.







May 3, 2015phone

Cheryl and I upgrading our phones.




April 18, 2015

Cheryl and I were featured in regional and national TV for our contribution to a study about the effects of tango dancing on Parkinson’s patients.



AtlasApril 15, 2015

At McGill Toastmasters, read the speech.

Is Money The Root Of All Evil? – Atlas Shrugged (By Ayn Rand)I did a crappy job but I was happy to share this speech.



RichDadApril 11, 2015

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It was a great book, very inspirational. Robert makes you feel as if you can just get out of your house and start investing in real estate. In fact, he is right… but it takes years to build the self confidence. I am in the process of looking for financing to buy a second property. I hope to be able to do that for the next three years.




meetingMarch 18, 2015

In this day I gave a speech at Toastmaster and won the best speaker award.





kellyMarch 10, 2015

Meeting with Sapan, Kelly, and Ivan





bookMarch 8, 2015

This is what I am reading today.
The best stock market fiction that I have read in my whole life. The second best was “The big Short.”

I will give this book away for free after I get done reading it.





bowlling3 bowlling5 sara2March 7, 2015

Going bowling with friends.








At the bicycle shop
At the bicycle shop



February 28th, 2015

Making friends with the dogs in my neighborhood.





airFebruary 27th, 2015

Meeting with my Airbnb colleagues






Cheryl, Sapan, Amy, Rachid and Kate.
Cheryl, Sapan, Amy, Rachid and Kate.

February 24th, 2015

Meeting with With Cheryl Williams, Sapandeep Singh Randhawa, Amy Yuan, Rachid Bekhti and Kate Stern.





ss2February 23rd, 2015

Second meeting of the year. Our monthly meeting continue growing at the rate of one person per meeting.




Scott and Sapn
Scott and Sapn

February 18th, 2015

Another meeting.







All the winners were woman.
All the winners were woman.

February 10th, 2015

Acting as a chairperson for an international public speaking competition.





My partner Natalia and I
My partner Natalia and I

January 29th, 2015

Our first Seeds of Success meeting of the year.









January 27th, 2015


Another successful meeting at Toastmaster.






Jan 20



January 20th, 2015

Becoming an speaker one meeting at the time. At Toastmasters.





qqqJanuary 4th, 2015

Started investing in Nasdaq through QQQ. I will buying and shortselling the Nasdaq accourding to whether the price is above or below the 50 day moving average.


WinJanuary 1st, 2015

Started reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People”





December 31st, 2014

Started working as a Uber driver. What a crazy night, driving people arouuber-logond for new year.


Happy birthday to Joy and Cheryl
Happy birthday to Joy and Cheryl









December 28, 2014

Cheryl’s and Joy’s birthday party

2007 Chevrolet Malibu. $6000
2007 Chevrolet Malibu. $6000





December 25, 2014

I got a new car from Santa. 2007 Chevrolet Malibu




salsaDecember 17, 2014

McGill Toastmaster’s Christmas party. One year of giving and listening to speeches. Thank you Toastmasters for this great environment.




December 15th, 2014












December 6, 2014

Wine and cheese party at my apartment a few days before selling it.




Competent Communicator.
Competent Communicator.

November 25, 2014

Today I accomplished the first milestone of my speaking career. I finished my Competent Communicator manual. 10 speeches!




November 21, 2014

Stop the destruction of the Amazon rain forest.


November 20, 2014

My cousin won Ms. Colombia 2015






publicNovember 16, 2014

I just finished reading

Public Speaking by Clarence Stratton

This is a public domain book written published in 1920. I found the book outdated. I don’t recommend it to anyone who is serious about public speaking. The only reason why I got it is because I am interested in Public Speaking and it was for free in the Amazon store.

November 15, 2014

At McGill Toastmasters we have a friendly environment where we learn how to speak and where we build strong relationships.

On November 15 we went to a two hour improv comedy workshop and then we had dinner at Just Noddles.

Thank you every one for coming along and sharing some laughter.

— at Montreal Improv.

20141115_174226 20141115_170709 20141115_163232 20141105_170355

Improv comedy and Chinese food
Improv comedy and Chinese food










November 6, 2014

Speech by my business partner Cheryl Williams.




tangOctober 29, 2014

Horror Tango
HalloweenOctober 28, 2014

Halloween meeting at Toastmasters club.






20141025_220557 20141025_220729October 25, 2014

Birthday party of Kevin Williams.





October 24, 2014

Every week I practice one hour of tango with my partner Karima. This one hour takes me to the highest level of concentration and physical coordination. I play with balance, music, listening and communication with my partner, logic and creativity.

We all have our special ways to express our creativity. Find what makes you come alive and then share it with some one.



October 21, 2014

20141021_195828My mentee, Amy, wins the best speaker of the night. I am so proud of her. This was her first speech and she did so well.






October 19, 2014. Classique du Parc La Fontaine (65e Édition)

I ran 10 Kilometers with my running partner Catherine. My knee was injured, so I ran very slow. I was among the lasts and my time was 1:23. My next goal for 2015 will be to do a half marathon and then a full marathon.

20141019_0817552014-10-19 | Classique du Parc La Fontaine (65e Édition)




October 17, 2014

loreCelebrating the birthday of Loredana.








CatherineOctober 13, 2014

Every Monday my friend Catherine and I walk to the top of the mountain and do a 90 minutes French conversation session. It is in great part thanks to Catherine that my French is understandable. I do study French on my own every week, but this one hour of conversation helps a lot.



Angela, Hongjie, Kelly, Hilda, and Alain
Angela, Hongjie, Kelly, Hilda, and Alain

October 7, 2014

My mentee, Hilda, the girl next to me won the best speaker award at McGill Toastmasters club. I am so proud of her.





Maya and Alain
Maya and Alain

October 6th, 2014

This dog, Maya, is one of residents of our neighborhood in Le Plateau.






Catherine and Alain
Catherine and Alain

October 5th, 2014

Catherine and I running a 5 kilometer race at Park Demaisonneuve. 32 minutes for me; 31 minutes for Catherine.






Saif, Christopher, & Alain
Saif, Christopher, & Alain

September 30, 2014

Best speaker after delivering the speech “You Don’t Need Money to Start a Business.”

I practiced a lot for this speech, but particularly, I am beginning to feel comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.





Group picture at Dorval Toastmasters club. September 26, 2014

On this day we went to the Dorval Toastmasters club to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Cheryl and I performed a salsa and an Argentine Tango song.



Cheryl & Alain
Cheryl & Alain











dogSeptember 22, 2014

We all have dream that we would like to make reality one day: One day I will do this, one day I will do that…

How about if we put a specific date on those dreams. How about if we say… By _____(specific date) I will like to do X

Many time we regret more the things that we didn’t do than the things that we did…


speakingSeptember 21, 2014

Good speakers are made, not born.

This is my believe as I embark on a journey to become a good speaker. I started learning how to speak on November 2013. My voice was breaking as I addressed the audience. Now, I can face the audience with more confidence, my vocabulary is increasing, my intonation improving. I did not mind starting without any talent because I believe that any goal is possible to achieve with determination and hard work.




speak_upSeptember 12, 2014

Got a job teaching a public speaking class at Students’ Society of McGill University.

What a wonderful opportunity.







Evaluation contest certificate
Evaluation contest certificate from Toastmasters International

On September 9, 2014 I participated in a contest to evaluate speeches. The experience was extraordinary.

My dream is to become a professional speaker. The more opportunities that I have to speak, the higher the probabilities of being asked to speak.