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How to save money while getting fit

This is my home gym

I have been going to the gym for years. When I was younger I used to do lots of sports, among them bodybuilding and power lifting. At that time I used to desire to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger and I used to put the hours to in the gym to achieve my goal.

As I grew older, my goals shifted to just being in good shape.

I tried two gyms in my neighborhood. One is called “La Cite,” and the other one is called “M Fitness.”

home exercise equipment.
This home gym belongs to a good friend

La Cite it was in the basement of a building. It had all the equipment I could ever need. I went there for about three or four years and I was generally happy except for one little thing: there was not a place in the gym where I could look and not have a TV screen right in my face. Over the years it became intolerable and eventually I left for the other gym in the neighborhood.

M Fitness was smaller but cleaner and better organized. Also, it was in the third floor of a building and it had plenty of sunlight. I was happy… for a little while. The one thing that started to bother me was that the music was too loud. “Hey, this is not a bar, I’ve like to listen to my own headphones.” My complains were to no avail. I was never able to listen to my audio books nor to my favorite podcasts.

friend hugging each other
Mastermind meeting

To all of you gym owners or managers, certain people go to the gym just workout. If someone wants to watch TV, I am sure they have a good TV at home. If someone wants to listen to loud music, there are hundreds of bars in the neighborhood.

Frustrated with my lack of choice, I decided to workout at home. I bought a few weights, a yoga mat and started to work out in my own ambiance. Now I love working out at home.

These are the reasons why I love working out at home
  1. I am master of my ambiance. I put my favorite podcast or
    Norma’s excise machine

    audio book and I don’t have to worry about the noise some one else is making.

  2. I save tons of money. My workout equipment cost me about $100. That’s it. I don’t ever have to renew a membership. From one year to the next I might buy more weights, but that will only from $20 to $50 a year.
  3. I save lots of time. Imagine the time it takes to put on winter clothing, boots, gloves, etc, walk to the gym, go to the locker room, take it all off, put on the workout gear, take it all off, put on the winter gear again, go back home and change clothing yet one more time.
  4. I hardly ever miss a workout. Many people miss their workout because they don’t have the hour and a half that requires going and coming back from the gym, but if anyone creates a discipline of working out at home, on any busy day, they can always drop to the floor and do a few push ups.

Many people feel that they need to go to the gym, that they cannot concentrate at home, but everyone can adjust. Some routines take as little as little as 4 minutes, some of them take as long as 30 minutes.

Here are some examples
  • This personal gym belongs to Steven Tang

    Alain (me): I do 15 minutes of stretching and 15 minutes of weightlifting

  • My friend Cheryl does 1min15sec of plank, 3 sets of 10 pushups, 3 sets of 15 squats with 8lb weights
  • Rosina does yoga, essentrics, and qi gong
  • Yraida  dances and does cardio exercises following some videos from internet
  • Jang on the weekends, he gets his cardio doing the Just Dance video game.
  • Annie: Usually daily push ups and my 15-20 hours a week of swing dancing is my exercise but when I don’t hit the dance floor much I either swim at the free local pool or do some cardio and muscle exercise at home the only tools I use is a yoga mat, a 5$ skipping rope and some small weight (I got for free on kijiji).
  • Kelli: I do yoga, Pilates, hula hoop and dance, and I do all those activities with my baby now
  • Raja: I stretch for about 5min, I run outside for 20min, then I do a full body workout for about 20min: abs, push-ups, upper back, shoulders, squats with weights, kettle bell swings. Then I stretch again for 5min. Feels
  • Norma: 15 minutes cardio with the Rock’Roll stepper (very good for dancing training) plus 5 minutes cord and 10 minutes stretching

And you? Do you workout at home? Why? What is your routine?

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I bought a used car

Used car Hyundai Elantra
This is my new toy.

I have been driving since for about 35 years. All my life I have bought second hand car. Some have lasted a long time, some have died soon after the purchase. In my mind, I have always gotten a good deal.

Here are some examples:

  • I bought an old Hyundai Pony for $500 and it lasted one year (My first car in Canada).
  • A friend gave me a Chevrolet Cavalier which lasted about 6 month.
  • I bought an Honda civic for $1,000 which lasted 2 years
  • I bought a Hyundai accent for $3,000 which I kept for 5 years and gave it up because I didn’t need it any more.
outdoor fire place.
Winter will be over soon. 🙂

On the hunt for a newer car

  1. It has to have low gas consumption
  2. It has to provide a great return for my money.
  3. And I have to like it 🙂

Here is the result.

I bought a 2013 Hyundai Elantra for $6,000 CAN. After I paid all the registration, taxes and permits, my total cost was about $7,000.

If the car lasts me about 10 years without any major repair, I am looking at about $700 per year, or about $60 per month. When I drive for Uber, I make $60 in 3 hours. In short. I believe I made and OK investment.

Why a 5 year old car?

  • A car starts losing value the minute you drive it off the dealership.
  • Within the first few days your car will lose about 10% of its value.
  • Within the first year your car has lost almost 20% of its value
  • After 5 years the car has lost about 60% of its value.

I think that buying a 5 year old car for only 40% of its original value is a good deal.


I really like this car. It is slick, fast, it’s like a toy. I have been driving it for a couple of weeks and every time I jump on it I have a lot of please with the acceleration and the shifting of gears.

What was the last car you bought? Do you think you got a good deal? Did I persuade you to buy used instead of new?

Please share your comments below.

Source: How Fast Does A New Car Lose Value

Coaching services

I am a money coach, don’t hesitate to write me if you want to talk about money or anything else that is going on in your life.