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How to be a failure

I chose my friends carefully.
I chose my friends carefully.

I have been writing this blog for about three years now, and so far all my articles have been about self improvement; how the earn more money, how to acquire more success, etc. But after taking some time to think  I realized that during most of my life I have been a failure and that I am better qualified to share my knowledge on how to be a failure than how to be a success.

Here are my secrets on how to be a failure:

It’s all about your mental attitude. You have to have a Negative Mental Attitude. If you have a negative mental attitude you are half way there. Just close your eyes and imagine the worst case scenario for everything. Whether you think about love or business, if you imagine the worst case scenario, there is a good probability that it come true.

But it’s not all about your mind. It is also about your body. Do you know how difficult it is to eat healthy? All that organic food is expensive. Any kind of natural smoothie will cost you between $5 to $10 and many of them taste horrible. Instead you can buy a liter of Coke for for about $1. And who wants to spend time preparing healthy salads when you can have Doritos with Salsa. There are a lot of nutrients there. All those cheap meals have lots of calories you need to survive, they are accessible, and let’s face it… they taste good.

How about some exercise? Physical activity is painful. Just stay on your couch. You will be safe there. I have broken my jaw practicing karate, I have damaged my ligaments lifting weights. Even physical activities like dancing salsa can be dangerous. I met this guy who broke his partner’s nose while dancing salsa. Just stay on your couch — you will not get hurt.

What about your friends? Motivational speaker Jim Rhon says that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” So I choose my friends carefully. I try to find friends who are dumber than me, that way I can always feel like the smart one.

And last but not least: Procrastination. Always leave the important things for the last minute. That way, if you fail, if you do a horrible job, you can always use the excuse that you did it all at the last minute.

Good luck being a failure, please write back and let me know how it turned out for you.

Superpowers I acquired at Toastmasters

The superpower of building a community
The superpower of building a community

I joined Toastmasters in October 2014. I have this dream of becoming a professional public speaker and I had heard that Toastmasters would give me the training which would allow me to make my dream come true.

Today I feel that I am still far away from being a professional speaker, but I know that every time I give a speech I am a bit closer.

In the process of learning how to become a professional speaker, I have acquired some superpowers which I want to share with you.

In our competitive society, sometimes we need an unfair advantage in order to realize our professional or personal objectives. The superpowers I am about to share with you will improve your personal and professional life.

The Superpower of Public Speaking

Imagine that you are applying for a job. You and five other people with similar experience and education are the final candidates. Many of the questions you will be asked during the interview are simple: 1. Tell us about yourself. 2. Tell us why we should hire you and not the others… These are open ended questions. Who do you think will give a more compelling answer? The person who has practiced public speaking for over a year or the person who has never spoken in public. I would put my money on the person who has acquired the superpower of public speaking.

Public speaking could get you the job that you want and it can help you get a salary increase much faster than your colleagues.

The Superpower of Leadership

This is an amazing super power. When you are a good leader, you inspire others to follow your vision. To be a leader you need to be a good communicator, and you have to have a clear vision of where you want to go and where you want to take the members of your group. Leadership is a skill which can be learned and Toastmasters offers many opportunities to learn and practice this fantastic skill.

If you become a good leader in your family, in your community, and in your job many people will follow your vision and will help you realize your goals at the same time as you help others realize their goals.

The Superpower of Building Communities

Spending time with family and friends, and being of service to others are the activities which give us the most happiness. When we create a community of people who share our vision and goal we feel fulfilled and our chances of success are magnified.

When you build a community, you build trust among your peers, you have more human and physical resources, and you create  much deeper relationships with the members of your community. Communities are powerful.

At Toastmasters we strengthen our community by meeting regularly, by having dinner together, by organizing potlucks and BBQs and by creating many other activities. You can take some of these ideas and apply them to your circumstances. When you have a strong community with a similar vision, your options are endless.


The positive effects of these superpowers are difficult to measure but their benefits can drastically improve your life. After three years as a Toastmasters member my life is so much better, I feel more confident and I feel that doors are constantly opening in front of my eyes. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.