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Unsolicited business advice

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”  —Abraham H. Maslow (1962), Toward a Psychology of Being

The entrepreneur’s glasses… 

Kickboxing at Dance Conmigo
Kickboxing at Dance Conmigo

I don’t want to be obnoxious but I go around suggesting business ideas to my friends. Business ideas that they haven’t solicited. I have to make a conscious effort to hold back. Whether it is investment advice (I used to be a financial adviser), Search Engine Optimization advice or ideas about how to create additional revenue. A few of my friends have listened to me and I’ve seen big changes is their lives, but in most of them I see polite faking that they are listening while searching for an opportunity to change the subject.

Here some random unsolicited advice I’ve given to my friends. See if any is relevant to you.

To 99% of my friends who invest their retirement money in mutual funds.  Every time that you talk to your “financial adviser” they will recommend the products that make the most money for their employer, for themselves and not for you. How do you think that they make a living?  They will propose mutual funds with expense ratios of 1 to 2%. There are always alternatives called “index funds” that produce similar results with expense ratios of only 0.5% (or less). If your portfolio is $100K, already this is an annual savings of $1500.

To my yoga instructor

Back arching exercises
My yoga instructor stretches me to the limit

I love my yoga instructor. I don’t know if yoga is her full-time job or her side business. Either way, she could benefit from having her own website. She writes beautiful messages in her Facebook page where she’s giving away all her content to Facebook. If she had her website, (cost: $5 per month) she could be the owner of all her content, she could show snippets of her content in her Facebook page to bring people back to her website. All her students need yoga mats. She could be an affiliate seller of yoga mats, yoga apparel, yoga books, etc. By having a website, she could get free traffic from the internet and she could share her passion for yoga with more people with less effort.

The Kickboxing instructor

My kickboxing instructor could also have a website where he could explain the philosophy of his  fighting style, perhaps one or two YouTube videos showing basic fighting techniques. A website builds authority. When people do a Google search, he will be there among all the established schools in Montreal. If his students become passionate about martial arts, they will need gear, pads, shoes, etc. My instructor could have affiliate links in his website and he would be able to get referral fees while at the same time pointing his students to trusted suppliers.

The photographer

I believe that every photographer should have a website. How else would they show their creations to the world? The potential is huge for a photographer. They could sell their digital images over the internet over and over. The same picture taken 10 years ago, could continue contributing a few dollars every month plus he would get exposure to people searching for his services now.

Artisanal soaps

My friend Patricia makes soap made ​​from natural products scented with essential oils. She promotes her soaps in her Facebook page. She finally got tired of hearing my constant nagging about all the reasons why she should have a website. In the next couple of weeks we will build a website with a shopping cart, so that people all over the world will buy her soaps with just one click?

Now is up to you.

Do you see business opportunities screaming to be taken? Do you have friends who could benefit from the full potential of the internet? leave your comments below.

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